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File: 1686617244516.gif–(19.42KB, 104x88, guestbook.gif)
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This thread is the guestbook for bass2nick.com. Feel free to respond with a link to your own website/blog/contact/etc, a signature, or even just an anonymous post with some inside joke.
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1715041308734.jpg–(41.60KB, 450x700, GMERNAabUAAu04Z.jpg)
imhappy love everything forever
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1721303292102.gif–(15.62KB, 541x206, REINCM_signature.gif)
Nick, it's a very nice site you've got here! I like you catalogue of articles, plus it's very well optimized and I'm a big fan of the amber color scheme. I'll definitely keep an eye on it. Please drop by LainNet some time on lainnet.arcesia.net


File: 1686617815288.jpg–(474.65KB, 817x817, eliphont.jpg)
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For feedback/questions about the site + comments on articles, respond to this thread.

File: 1686617007600.gif–(404.02KB, 32x32, shrek.gif)
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hi nick
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glad you found your way here. my email and XMPP are always open if you want to chat

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unmonitored new 4chan? sick
¨ No.63
I check it occasionally lol
Most of the posts are spam bots trying to advertise OTC drugs, so I have some wordfilters up and anything with a file attachment goes to mod queue.
This kind of software is not super hard to bring online, I suppose anyone with a VPS and some patience can have a personal chan.

No.41  [Reply]  >>42
Привет! Хочу поделиться своим приятным опытом. Недавно столкнулся с тем, что неожиданно для меня наступил День Рождения моего друга, а денег на подарок не было. В такие моменты портал zaim-fin.ru становится настоящим спасением! Там я обнаружил много МФО, готовых выдать займы даже людям с плохой кредитной историей. И, самое главное, без лишних заморочек и проверок. Благодаря этому я смог приобрести отличный подарок для друга и устроить ему настоящий праздник! Ещё на этом сайте я нашел много полезной информации о том, как оформить заявку на микрокредит и какие требования у МФО к заемщику. Очень удобно!
¨ No.42
This is the most intelligible spam so far, I'll keep it for now.

3/10 good job

File: 1718220657921.jpg–(417.38KB, 1185x1079, battle stationchinese camera wire mess.jpg)
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I built it my self
¨ No.40
9/10 just needs some personalization, maybe a plant?

File: 1718220494625.jpg–(45.60KB, 335x377, FunAllowed.jpg)
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You are going to have a pretty nice day today!
If I lied reply with your address so we can have a friendly chat about that
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1718220620263.png–(96.97KB, 299x299, HellmetNoFun.png)

File: 1686606867744.jpg–(197.37KB, 512x512, image.jpg)
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File: 1686622953408.mp3–(6.43MB, How_The_Nerd_Stole_Christmas.mp3)
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This is a nerd message.

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