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File: 1686617244516.gif–(19.42KB, 104x88, guestbook.gif)
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This thread is the guestbook for bass2nick.com. Feel free to respond with a link to your own website/blog/contact/etc, a signature, or even just an anonymous post with some inside joke.
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¨ No.21  >>24
You mean something good is coming for him or for all of us?
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1693264170523.jpg–(207.67KB, 1080x1077, xxc3b4mlgogb1.jpg)
For both God and Humanity, since the world will get brighter soon. We just have to survive the current darkness.
¨ No.26
haiiiiiiiiiiii :3

File: 1686617815288.jpg–(474.65KB, 817x817, eliphont.jpg)
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For feedback/questions about the site + comments on articles, respond to this thread.

File: 1686617007600.gif–(404.02KB, 32x32, shrek.gif)
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File: 1692193999874.jpg–(45.60KB, 335x377, FunAllowed.jpg)
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You are going to have a pretty nice day today!
If I lied reply with your address so we can have a friendly chat about that
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1694100415196.png–(96.58KB, 300x300, HellmetNoFun.png)

File: 1686606867744.jpg–(197.37KB, 512x512, image.jpg)
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File: 1686622953408.mp3–(6.43MB, How_The_Nerd_Stole_Christmas.mp3)
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This is a nerd message.

File: 1686617276750.gif–(58.15KB, 68x96, benderdance.gif)
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File: 1686611103520.mp3–(87.75KB, hello spaceboy.mp3)
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reply test

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