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File: 1686617244516.gif–(19.42KB, 104x88, guestbook.gif)
No.8 Stickied
This thread is the guestbook for bass2nick.com. Feel free to respond with a link to your own website/blog/contact/etc, a signature, or even just an anonymous post with some inside joke.
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1687054130302.jpg–(336.37KB, 1155x1585, the-crying-spider.jpg)
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1687663100018.png–(2.49MB, 1092x1646, bblleess.png)
Cool site, yo. Really impressed with your lainchan webring list / copy too. Keep it up!
¨ No.17
1687835609766.jpg–(6.39KB, 94x94, 1677945478274-0.jpg)
¨ No.19  >>21
1687969183936.png–(434.29KB, 450x450, gwfdauetbm7b1.png)
what a wonderful little site you have!
The only thing missing until now was a reminder that angels are watching over you and something good is on its way. Patience is the key.
¨ No.21  >>24
You mean something good is coming for him or for all of us?
¨ No.24
1693264170523.jpg–(207.67KB, 1080x1077, xxc3b4mlgogb1.jpg)
For both God and Humanity, since the world will get brighter soon. We just have to survive the current darkness.
¨ No.26
haiiiiiiiiiiii :3
¨ No.27
1701918107032.png–(253.11KB, 400x400, infinity dog.PNG)
tail wuz here
¨ No.29
1704005152476.gif–(43.45KB, 114x90, good.gif)
neat page bro
¨ No.33
¨ No.36
1715041308734.jpg–(41.60KB, 450x700, GMERNAabUAAu04Z.jpg)
imhappy love everything forever
¨ No.71
1721303292102.gif–(15.62KB, 541x206, REINCM_signature.gif)
Nick, it's a very nice site you've got here! I like you catalogue of articles, plus it's very well optimized and I'm a big fan of the amber color scheme. I'll definitely keep an eye on it. Please drop by LainNet some time on lainnet.arcesia.net


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